The industrial marketplace has a vast array of chemical processes with each having special design materials requirements for all wetted parts from instrumentation to mechanical valves and piping.  Our primary emphasis is in support of the industrial metals process plants with design of both wet and dry bulk reagent handling and metering systems along with batch and continuous aqueous process systems.

Below are several sample project photographs.

FSI Engineering Process Storage Tanks per API-650

Process Storage Tanks per API-650

FSI Engineering METSIM Mass Flow Model

METSIM Mass Flow Model

FSI Engineering Polymer Metering Pumps

Polymer Metering Pumps

FSI Engineering Neutralization Metering Pumps

Neutralization Metering Pumps

FSI Engineering Clarifier Underflow Pumping

Clarifier Underflow Pumping

FSI Engineering Scrubber Acid Wash Settlers

Scrubber Acid Wash Settlers

FSI Engineering Process Slurry Pumping

Process Slurry Pumping

FSI Engineering Tailings Thickeners

Tailings Thickeners